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Founded in the s by Dr. Rob Morris, a Master Mason, Eastern Star is based upon the biblical principles of heroism, moral values and charitable works. If you're a woman, you must have a male relative who is a Master Mason to begin the process of joining an Eastern Star chapter. You may be the wife, mother, daughter or stepdaughter of a Mason, or an extended family relative, such as a great granddaughter, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, daughter-in-law, or first or second cousin.

Finding Masonic Relatives You may not have an immediate relative who is a Master Mason, but you may know of a stepfather, uncle or great-grandfather who is or is rumored to have been a Mason. To find the records of his membership, it is helpful to know where he lived. If you know the state and town, Eastern Star can verify your relative's Masonic membership. After your petition is reviewed and your eligibility established, the chapter will vote on your membership.

Your religion is not a consideration, as long as you believe in a Supreme Being. However, if you have a felony or other legal issues in your past, you may not be eligible for membership. If the conviction is expunged by the court, then you might be eligible to join Eastern Star. Participating in Eastern Star While based on the biblical stories of Adah, Electa, Esther, Martha and Ruth, the organization says that it is not a religious organization.

Each year the local chapter and the Grand Chapter also support their own selected charities as part of the OES' goal to benefit all mankind.

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Does ezstern Order of the Eastern Star give support to any affiliated youth groups? Does the Order of the Eastern Star have any special projects? The Order of the Eastern Star membership supports internal and public charities. We offer strong scholarship programs and community college and university scholarship awards to students of any race, creed, or color. The order supports several heart and cancer funds and projects and a Benevolent Fund for the relief of qualified indigent and distressed members of our Chapters. Statewide, our members annually participate in the Replay for Life. Each year the Worthy Grand Matron and Datinh Grand Patron have a special project to support a charity or important project of their choosing. The Order of the Eastern Star is not a religion. Although we celebrate the lives of Biblical women and we require a belief in a Supreme Being, the Order does not take the place of religious practice, worship, or substitute for or supersede the religious beliefs of its members. Our members come from all religions and denominations. The Order supports friendship and fellowship among its members and philanthropy in the community, including a strong scholarship program and cancer and heart research charities. When was the Order of the Eastern Star formed? What is Freemasonry and What do Freemasons believe? -

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The participation of the Masonic Institution in a funeral service is an expression of its fraternal affection for the deceased and for his family rather than the exercise of a priestly ministry representing God. Back to Top Is there any social involvement?
Masons dating eastern stars
Your religion is not a consideration, as long as you believe in a Supreme Being. These meetings also give you an opportunity to meet several Chapter members. Your membership in our Order and attendance at the meetings and social events allow you many networking opportunities with persons of like interests. However, if you have a felony or other legal issues in your past, you may not be eligible for membership.
This is an open letter to clergy of all faiths concerning "Masonic Funerals. While this letter is primarily addressed to the' clergy, we hope it will be helpful to others who may easyern questions about Masonic Funerals. Other Lodges, some veterans' organizations, and various societies, as well as Freemasonry, have funeral services, but this masons dating eastern stars is primarily concerned with those of the Masonic Institution. To start, it may be well to point out that Freemasonry is not a religion, although easternn is religious. That is, the Fraternity does not believe itself to be an instrument of God for the purpose of reconciling men to Himself, but teaches that men do need such reconciliation and should seek it through loyal involvement with the religious faith of their preference. The lodge has no "plan of salvation" or way of atonement to offer its members. Rather, it teaches the Brotherhood of Man under the Fatherhood of God. The participation of the Masonic Institution in a funeral service is an expression of its fraternal affection for the deceased and for his family rather than the exercise of a priestly ministry representing God. Masonry includes many appendant groups, bodies, "rites," orders, and auxiliary organizations. The basic unit is the Lodge, often called the "Blue Lodge. On occasion one of these other bodies will hold a funeral service.
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  • Eastern Star is the women's auxiliary to the occultic Masonic Lodge. Here is what they do, what it means Issue Date: March/April Excerpts from "Masonry.
  • Hi, I'm currently dating a 32 year old Mason and I wanted to know, is it true all me he's not married by the way) And how do I become a Eastern Star in Texas?.
But even in those instances, we prefer to display a certain level of decorum and presence, expressed through appropriate attire for our events. How diverse is your membership base? The purpose of these youth groups is to train young women to be leaders in the community and to be future members and leaders in the Order of the Eastern Star.
The white leather apron, called a "lambskin," is the badge of a Mason and it is his to wear, even in death. In some Chapters, only the Chapter officers wear formalwear and the members attending the Chapter wear street length dresses and business suits. The more people you meet the wider your network. Most chapters meet twice per month in the evening although some chapters meet monthly. Women and men join a Fraternal Order to make datnig and enjoy the fellowship. Masons dating eastern stars
Your local Chapter will answer your questions and welcome your participation. Our members come from all economic stations of life.
Is Freemasonry a religion? Freemasonry is neither a religion nor a cult. Religion encourages ,asons members to behave and think in a particular way to achieve salvation. Religion is based on faith, which is an unquestioned belief in a mythos that cannot be proved. Freemasonry has no such beliefs. Although Freemasonry is not a religion, the organization is spiritual in nature. Freemasonry welcomes men of all faiths. Is Freemasonry a secret organization? Anyone with a telephone book can find the Masonic Lodge of any town that has one. Masons eaatern signs at the entrances to their towns in the same way other service organizations such as the Lion's, Kiwanis, Elks and Rotary Clubs do. They do this to inform traveling Masons and interested visitors where and when meetings take place. Ask any Mason what Freemasonry is all about and he'll gladly tell you. Visit a Masonic Lodge and you're likely to get a tour datjng the building and an earful of history from the Lodge secretary. Masons are free to acknowledge their membership and many proudly display Masonic rings, pins, bumper stickers, etc. The only things a Mason will not divulge to a non-Mason are certain signs, symbols and other means of recognition. In free societies, this secrecy is more for tradition than for any practical purpose. In countries ruled by totalitarian regimes, however, Freemasonry is a secret organization, since oppressive governments that do not allow their citizens to have basic human rights actively persecute Masons because of their beliefs in freedom and equality. Why do men become Freemasons?